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We will build hotel and houses 2000-5000 m2 in an excellent beach in Messinia Greece.We are seeking for investors-partners.

We own a piece of land (28.000m2), in "Buca" beach (in the middle of "Messiniakos" gulf,very closed to Messini,south of Peloponnisos-Greece),in an excellent area with superior seashore.This area has the advantage to be very near to International Airport of Kalamata(4KM),to General Hospital of Kalamata(9km) and some of the most interesting places for visiting in Greece like ancient Olympia (where the Olympic Games have started),ancient Messini-Ithomi,Epicourios Apollo Temple (the only one ancient Temple totally saved, builded by Ictinos the builder of Parthenon of Acropolis) and other famous places like Sparta,Mystras,Mani,Pylos,Methoni,Koroni etc.Also this place has the advantage to have very good connectivity with important cities like Athens (new highway Athens-Kalamata) and Patras (under construction "Ionia Odos" highway). The place,in which we are going to develop our project,is a privileged and fast developing area,during the last year,with a huge future in the sector of tourism and real estate.Some months ago,a brand new,very big in hosting services group (developing hotel resorts,golf courts etc) started its operation in Pylos,closed to our area.The company,which put a really huge investment into this project,is going to develop another equal to this,in "Velica",a place very closed to ours.The reasons of the current development of our area are,mainly,the new highways giving very good inter-connectivity to the main cities,the starting of the local airport to operate as an international airport and certainly the unique nature,the perfect beaches and sea,the very nice Climate and the many very interesting archaeological and other places to visit or have fun of the region.I add besides the important thing that the land is still standing in low cost instead of its privileges.Specially our land is located in a characterized (one year ago) zone for "tourist-hosting and entertaining" use only,with the ability of building the 60% of the total surface in the future.Also there is a lot of available land around ours for a possible expansion of our project (at least 150.000m2).
Our project has the follow two plans: Plan A: We are going to develop a hotel which will be the core of the whole project.It will have big spaces for common use areas such as internal-heating and external swimming pools,restaurants,bars etc.So this way it will be the center,in the  present time and in the  future,of the whole resident group.The hotel is going to be a building of about 1.000m2,and it will be developed in an area of  2.000m2.The value of the land that we own is about 1.600.000 euros(in past prices) and the construction cost is going to be about 2.000.000 euros. Plan B: We are going to develop houses in order to sell or rent them,with the ability to build till 5.000m2 at moment and till 17.000 in the future.In this case the construction cost will be about 2.000 euros/m2.
We are seeking for an investor-partner to join us.